Bora Bora

Circle Island Tour on a "truck"

A 22-mile long road encircles Bora Bora. A flower-decorated "truck" (minibus) with individual cushioned bucket seats will take the guest all around this road, on a narrated drive past coconut groves and hamlets that hug the shoreline. Pass the main villages of Vaitape, Faanui and Anau with their mysterious marae and open-air temples. Continuing on, the tour goes through some viewpoints with spectacular sights of the Matira and Paopao Points.

2 and a half hours duration | 2 pax min

4WD Safari

This tour combines an exhilarating 4WD safari with an informative narrative of Bora Bora. Starting at Vaitape, the ascent of Pahonu Hill begins capturing views of the harbor and Matira Beach. There's a stop for beverages and to visit a pearl boutique where these famous Polynesian jewels are found, as well as an exhibit of photographs and books. As the journey continues, the vehicle will stop briefly at the naval gun sites from WWII, with 7-inch cannons. From here, the island's north shore can be traversed to see the lush Faanui Valley. There are mountain plantations offering views of Faanui Bay. The trip ends in Faanui Village where there's a good variety of pareos, local fruits and flowers to see and purchase.

Variable duration. | 4 pax min.

Bora Bora Lagoonarium

At the Bora Bora Lagoonarium, not only seeing, but actually interacting with the amazing creatures of the Bora Bora lagoon is possible. Activities include swimming inside the lagoonarium with a professional guide to explain and teach. All the creatures people hear about and see pictures of are here: turtles, sharks and rays, tropical fishes in incredible numbers, and more... With just the normal snorkeling equipment, the complete discovery of all these creatures can be performed up-close. A big set of extra activities is available at the lagoonarium too: island tours, ray and shark feeding exhibitions, etc.

Variable duration | 4 pax

Motored Outrigger Canoe Circle Island Tour (ray and shark feeding, snorkeling)

Experience the extreme encounter and face these legendary animals. Enjoy an outrigger canoe tour around the island and witness shark and ray feeding. There's the choice of viewing this from aboard the canoe or to see the polynesian sting rays and black-tip sharks while snorkeling in the warm crystalline waters just over a beautiful coral reef, in a completely safe environment. This half-day excursion provides a unique way to discover Bora Bora 's lagoon and take advantage of a special photo opportunity with these fantastic animals! It's one of the best chances to see the wild animals in their natural habitats in a safe way, and with an astounding surrounding to make the whole experience unforgettable.

2 and a half hours duration

Outrigger Canoe Circle Island Tour w/Picnic on a Motu (Islet):

Same tour than above, with a picnic on an uninhabited islet, including fruit juice, sodas, beers and a barbecue meal with chicken, meat, fish and salads.

"Spirit of the Pacific" Submarine Boat

Take a tour on the original submarine boat in the Bora Bora lagoons. The "Spirit of the Pacific" is specially designed for the passenger to be able to see as much as he can from the undersea fauna. So, it has a 360º round angle of vision for everyone who is sitting inside, and it goes down up to 75 feet deep.

30 minutes duration

Ascensional Parasailing

Good for all ages, the parasailing is a breathtaking adventure. The passenger gets tied to a harness attached to the parachute. Then, the boat starts speeding and the parachute will go up without the passenger even having to get his feet wet. No water ski experience is necessary.

15 - 20 minutes duration | 2 pax min.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

A very tranquil tour over the lagoon's waters, relaxing while observation permitting. Enjoy all the marine life without getting wet at all, in a unique boat thought for every passenger's peacefulness.


Enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by hundreds of beautiful and colorful tropical fish in just feet of water and in total security while wearing an innovative viewing helmet. The half-day excursion will begin with taxi boat pick-up at the dock of the hotel. Then, there's a trip to a catamaran where an instructor will help the passenger with gear and assistance down the ladder. Take a walk underwater in the sand, surrounded by the tropical fish - even hand feeding is possible often! After the excursion is done, beverages are served on deck.

Half Day in the morning


This semi-submersible boat watercraft takes the passenger to a trip trough the paradise island's lagoons inside a glass bubble that will make him feel living in a fish tank where he's the strange one and eager to be on the other side of the bubble. Explore all there is to see underwater and see all kinds of fishes, morays, rays, turtles and sharks.

1 hour duration.

O'Hana Catamaran Lagoon Discovery

Discover what makes Bora Bora such a dreamful destination with this Sailing Cruise on a day-boat of over 20m long and 10m wide. Sunbathe and cruise the Bora Bora lagoon with songs, guitar and ukulele music. Enjoy local style picnics on a private motu and snorkeling in the most amazing natural swimming pool.

Half day duration | 2 pax min.

Taaroa Catamaran Lagoon Discovery and Sunset Cruise

Trip the lagoon either during the day, with swimming stops on some motus to see the nature or during the evening having a tranquil cocktail to enjoy a romantic sunset with the beloved one. This boat fits up to 16 people, and is very quiet and easy to handle, therefore making the journey even more comfortable and relaxing.

Half day (morning), two and a half hours (evening) duration.
2 pax min.

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