Half Day Excursion to Koueva

This trekking excursion is ideal for exercising a little bit while getting to know the inland Nuku Hiva, foot-traversing its valleys and gorges until the archaeological site of Koueva is reached, site which was fully restored for the 2000 Marquesan Art Festival, to testimony the Marquesan culture in the most faithful of ways.

Half day duration.

4WD Safari to Hatiheu or Toovii

Decide whether to go to Nuku Hiva's "cool" spot, the Toovii plateau, where the viewpoint makes it easy to see the islands of Hiva Oa , Ua Pou and even Ua Huka on a clear day. It's a chosen spot for paragliders too. If not, go to the tiny picturesque village of Hatiheu , where, when boats are anchored in the opposing bay, traditional shows are held. There's a Holy Virgin statue atop a 300 meters high rock needle to see too.

Full day duration.

Excursion to Ua Pou Island

Go for a day to Ua Pou, Marquesas' third largest and most populated island, just 40 km south from Nuku Hiva, where there are plenty of touristic sites to know, such as the Hakahau Valley or the Aneou Viewpoints.

Full day duration.
Boat Excursion to Hakapaa

Go on a half day ride to Hakapaa Bay , where one of the most beautiful beaches in the island is found. Here is where most of the footage of the "Survivor" TV show took place, and it's really an ideal of the "hidden paradise" kind of place.

Half day duration.



Hike, bike, ride a horse or a 4WD vehicle to see one of Hiva Oa's interest places, such as the Tahauku stone fortresses, the Atuona carved stone cemetery or the Taaoa Valley, the largest archaeological site in all of French Polynesia.

Half day duration.

Boat Tour to Tahuata Island

Take a boat ride to the island across the water channel from Hiva Oa , Tahuata. This island is only inhabited by 650 people. Even if the distance between the islands is of 4 kms, the ride takes an hour, because the boat goes all the way around Tahuata. There's no port in Tahuata, that's why the boat unloads people in sloops. Highlights include Hanateio Valley stone carvings and Hanamiai archaeological site.

Full day duration | 4 pax min.

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