Circle Island Tour w/Belvedere

Depart from one of many hotels to visit Cook and Opunohu bays, various "marae" temples, black pearl boutiques, souvenirs and handcrafts shops, pineapple plantations, churches and the "Belvedere" viewpoint, up a mountain rising over the middle of Moorea's famous two bays, from where you can see most of the island's beautiful spots, and all the possible colors of the lagoons ahead.

4 hours duration (from 9 am to 1 pm ) | 2 pax min
4WD Safari

In an all-road vehicle travel to the volcanic crater that first created the island, through vanilla, pineapple and orange plantations. Visit natural hot tubs and ancient marae (temples). End the adventure going up the Magic Mountain, encircling it while the vehicle climbs up the paths and past the jungle to reach the summit. This is believed to be one of the most beautiful sights in the whole island.

4 hours duration from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm or 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm
Lagoon Cruise

Discover the magnificent island of Moorea from the lagoon on this tour. The first stop will be the breathtaking views of Opunohu and Cook's Bays. During the cruise, a coconut and pareo show is performed, which will teach the passenger about local fruits and how Polynesian pareos are tied. A stop will be made in the blue waters of the lagoon for snorkeling. Enjoy the beauties of the underwater world before surfacing for a picnic lunch, prepared on a motu. After lunch, the passenger can relax on the beach under the shade of the coconut trees before returning back to the hotel.

5 hours duration | 6 pax min.
"Tiki Village"

Welcome to Polynesia 's finest "theatre". Here, historical events are replayed, and great traditional dance and music shows are put in scene (with up to 60 dancers and musicians on stage). The tour is completed with the whole display of the local craftsmen working their arts. Traditional wedding ceremonies are also performed in the village, and visitors can even get an authentic polynesian tattoo from one of the many resident professional tattooists that work here. If there's the chance, the evening should be crowned watching the final show while having dinner in the local taste restaurant set up to please even the most demanding guest, with ahima'a oven dishes and delicious fruit punches.

Show and dinner available tue-wed-fri-sat only. | 2 pax min.

Moorea Dolphin Center

There are several programs available in Moorea's dolphinarium, the "Moorea Dolphin Center", located inside the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Moorea. Here, all kinds of sciencemen (vets, trainers, biologists) teach the visitors all there is to know about the amazing "tursiops" dolphins. Their habits, their communications and how their impressive intelligence makes them similar to humans in some ways. The programs include watching the dolphins make their jump show, see how the trainers teach the animals, and even a little interaction with the dolphins themselves, as it is possible to swim with them in the water.

Special programs for children, honeymooners and families.

Wild Dolphin Watch

Dr. Michael Poole's research team, from the Island Research Center and Environmental Observatory, will take the passengers on a morning boat tour to observe and learn all about dolphins around the island of Moorea accompanied by who knows best about them, a very competent team which includes researchers and biologists. They will get to see schools of "spinner" dolphins and learn about their remarkable behaviors and social organization. From July through October, the Pacific Humpback whale can also be seen. As the stunning beauty of Moorea is enjoyed, the passengers will receive insightful explanations on the natural and geological creation of the island and motus. If time is available, there will also be the chance to snorkel and discover the beautiful underwater world. Time permitting, even a short adventure off-reef may me doable.

3 hours duration. | Not available on Sundays.
Snorkeling Safari

The half-day adventure in the clear blue waters of Moorea's lagoon begins with a stop at Opunohu Bay , where the captain of the boat will brief the passengers on some of the islands legends, the geography, and the fauna and flora. Continuing on, stop by Sting Ray Paradise, where the clients can discover a sting ray family that has settled in the area. A native guide will jump in the water to feed them, and they will have the choice to participate or watch the show from the boat. From there, the boat will cruise to the motu, where they will be able to enjoy the tropical underwater world as they snorkel.

2 hours duration | Operates year-round.

No diving or swimming skills required! Walk trough the bottom of the most beautiful lagoon on earth inside a waterproof helmet-suit that emulates the old diver's suits, and enjoy the sighting of the undersea fauna up-close.

Apt for children of 8 years and older | 2 hours duration (immersion of 35 minutes)
Sunset Safari in the "Margouillat"

The Margouillat features seating on her outdoor deck or in her solarium, cockpit, or salon. Hoist sail and cruise across Cook's and Opunohu Bays, having a drink while looking at Moorea's mountains. The crew serves coffee and juices as you keep watch for the wild dolphins occasionally sighted in these waters. Drop anchor, don mask, snorkel and flippers, and explore an underwater coral garden. Ride a zodiac ashore for a 20-minute nature walk before returning to the Margouillat and sailing home. Different programs aboard the catamaran available.

4 hours duration.

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