Raiatea and Taha'a


4WD Safari

Discover the wild island of Raiatea on a 4-wheel drive jeep safari. This half-day tour begins with a drive along Faaroa Bay , where the former crater will be entered and the tropical flora, and mango and guava plantations will be seen and known. Continue to the largest and best-preserved marae of French Polynesia , the Marae of Taputapuatea. This stone temple platform features the image of Oro, god of Fertility and War. Conclude the tour in the sacred Vaimori Valley, where a vanilla plantation will be visited, and the growth, harvest, and conservation of this useful orchid will be shown to the passengers.

3 hours duration | 4 pax min.

Outrigger Canoe Cruise

Begin the half-day boat excursion along the Faaroa River, gliding along Raiatea 's deep blue water in an outrigger canoe, headed toward the eastern coast of the island. The Faaroa River, which runs into Faaroa Bay, is the only navigable river in French Polynesia. Along the way, discover the lush vegetation of a tropical forest filled with Purau trees (wild hibiscus), bamboo groves, and mape trees (Polynesian chestnut trees). Depart from the river and visit a small motu, where there will be the opportunity to swim in the lagoon and relax on the sandy beach under the shadow of coconut trees. End the tour with the visit to a real black pearl farm, where all about this natural jewels can be learnt.

Half day duration.


Complete Visit to Raiatea w/Picnic on an Islet

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Raiatea and sail its Faaroa River, the largest one in Polynesia. Visit a black pearl farm, wander across beautiful botanical gardens and get lost in the Polynesian culture, through the marvelous archaeological site of the Marae Taputapuatea. Afterwards, have lunch in a paradisiacal islet and take the chance to swim inside a coral garden.

Full day duration

Catamaran Sunset Cruise

Taste an exotic cocktail or a champagne goblet while admiring the sun set over Bora Bora.

2 hours and a half duration | 6 pax min.

4WD Safari

Measure the island's interior, thanks to a route traversing it, to discover the beauty of the lush tropical vegetation, a refreshing stop on the Belvedere, where the point of view of the magnificent four turquoise bays in Taha'a's lagoon will be revealed. Also visit a black pearl farm, and the traditional vanilla pod plantation.

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