Full Day "Pink Sands" Boat Tour

Without a doubt the longest trip available, with a one hour and a half boat ride each way to and from the destination spot. However, the price is it being the most beautiful excursion in the island, to discover an unspoiled paradise like there are not a lot more, full of natural heavens of blue skies, pink sands and turquoise lagoons. Meal included.

Full day duration | 6 pax min

Full Day "Reef Island" Boat Tour

Travel by boat to an island inside the atoll, whose soil is made entirely by coral. The island itself is the coral reef below, which rose above the sea-level. The coral formations are really extraordinary, as is the marine life below. Meal included.

Full day duration | 6 pax min.

Full Day "Blue Lagoon" Boat Tour

The best known excursion in the island, definitely a must for any passenger. A great classic which takes the guest to a fascinating aquarium with the widest imaginable variety of fish around the place. The trip to and from the aquarium is an hour long each way. Meal included.

Full day duration | 6 pax min
Tiputa Pass Descent w/Snorkel

Cruise and discover the Tiputa Pass with its natural aquarium on this half-day guided excursion. There will be encounters with schools of fish, napoleons, wrasses, and eagle and manta rays. Enjoy also the coral structures and colored fish as you follow your guide around the natural aquarium where the inner waters blend with the outer ones.

2 hours duration.


The original half boat - half submarine air conditioned vessel will make the passenger discover the undersea life up close without even getting wet. (Glass bubble kind of boat).

2 pax min.

Dolphin Observation Tour

This is one of the most unique activities to perform in the island. The dolphin watch is scheduled together with a visit to the natural aquarium. Rangiroa is one of the best places on earth for the sighting of dolphins in their natural habitats.

2 hours duration | 4 pax min.
Glass Bottom Boat Ride

One of the oldest, and still the most popular excursion in the island, the glass bottom boat ride offers the passenger the chance to see all the rich marine life in the lagoons from inside the comfortable boat with a translucent floor. The boat's setting makes it ideal for taking pictures, since it minimizes the negative effect of the wind and the sun glare.

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