Bird's Island Tour

Lost in the middle of the lagoon sits Bird Island, home to several species of birds indigenous to the Tuamotu Islands, including noddies, boobies, and petrels. Enjoy the beauty of the lagoon and the vibrant colors on this half-day tour ideal for all nature and animal lovers.

Half day duration l 4 pax min.

Sunset Cruise

The ride to see the sunset, inspired by the ones eager to share an intimate moment as they cruise the lagoon's waters quietly in a boat thought to comfort.
Drinks included.

6 pax min

Private Picnic on an Uninhabited Islet

Spend a complete day on a magnificent untouched motu in a genuine tropical paradise! In the morning, stay cool by swimming or snorkeling among the dazzling multicolored fish. Around noon , enjoy lunch overlooking the lagoon comfortably under a palm tree's shade. Afterwards, hike along the beach and venture to the outer edge of the atoll to see the Pacific Ocean and its intense shades of blue.

Three times a week only.

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