“A new concept for luxury cruises in the Rangiroa lagoon ”

The Haumana is one luxury yacht specially designed for cruising in the shallow waters of French Polynesia. It will transport its passenger through the magnificent Polynesian lagoons of the Tuamotus

Less than one hour from Tahiti by plane, the Tuamotu Archipelago, famous for its idyllic atolls, promises a complete change of scenery, between sky and lagoon. The Haumana luxury yacht is perfect for a honeymoon cruise in paradise. Its 17 cabins are just perfect for a dream vacation for both first-time and discerning travelers.

The Haumana comfortably hosts 36 passengers, and, having a 16 people crew, the guest can ensure himself a personal service, since the yacht boasts almost a crew member for every two passengers! (and this when the yacht is at full capacity). Thus, it combines an individual service guest satisfaction and the small cruise cozy ambience, all in a luxury environment.

Vessel Characteristics:
- Length – 120’ (36.5m).
- Beam – 45’ (13.7m).
- Draft – 6’ (1.8m).
- Cruising speed – 10 /12 knots.
- Power – 2 x 1000hp marine diesels.
- Flag - French.
- Registration – Papeete, Tahiti.
- Built - Australia.
- Tenders – 4 x 19’(5.8m) to 25’(7.6m) skiffs equipped with 125 to 225hp outboards, licensed for 10-12 passengers.

- The spacious cabins – 15 square meters each – are all carefully decorated and feature large windows so to enjoy the magical landscapes passing by right outside.
- All cabins are equipped with or have the following services available:
- Housekeeping service twice a day.
- Queen size bed.
- Individual air conditioning, light dimmer switches.
- Private bathroom with hairdryer, bath products including the famous "Tahitian Monoi", or sweet-scented coconut oil.
- Television and DVD-CD-VHS player.
- Safe.

The intimate main terrace restaurant specializes itself in seafood and Polynesian delicacies, which are proudly presented to the guests by the yacht’s own chef.

There is also the top deck bar, ideal for a quiet cocktail while watching the sunset, listening to ukulele’s music by the Haumana’s band’s serenades.

Breakfast is 'a la carte' or from the buffet with eggs, bacon, fish, etc.... Continental or American breakfast is available between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. in the morning.

Lunch is served between 12 noon and 2 p.m., again either 'a la carte' or buffet style featuring seafood, meat, fresh vegetables and includes a selection of complementary wines.

Dinner begins at 7 p.m. and is served until 10 p.m., 'a la carte' or at the buffet, including the complementary wine list. Here the chef’s delicacies can be enjoyed, made from the island’s freshest fruits and the most recently caught sea animals.




Blue Lagoon: 3 nights in Rangiroa.
Pink Sand: 4 nights in Rangiroa.
Rainbow: 7 nights in Rangiroa.
For the three cruises, boarding takes place in Rangiroa. Airport transfers are taken care of.
Less than one hour from Tahiti, the Rangiroa atoll is served daily by several domestic flights, being Rangiroa-Tahiti, Rangiroa-Bora-Bora, and Rangiroa-Moorea. The guest should probably profit of knowing the other wonderful islands in Polynesia either before or after their cruise.

Blue Lagoon Cruise – 3 nights

Wednesday Rangiroa – Traditional welcome at the airport and transfer to the yacht: boarding in Avatoru around 1:30 pm. Starting of the cruise. Excursion to the Green Lagoon, snorkeling and fishing.
Thursday Rangiroa – Blue Lagoon excursion. Tahitian cooking demonstration. Water activities and relax at the beach. Entertainment on board in the evening, palm weaving lessons.
Friday Rangiroa Excursion to Motu Ai Ai. Reef discovery, snorkeling and fishing. Walk through the motu to the ocean side.
Saturday Rangiroa Breakfast on board, check-out and disembarkation in Avatoru , transfer to the airport.

Pink Sand Cruise – 4 nights

Saturday Rangiroa – Traditional welcome at the airport and transfer to the yacht: boarding in Avatoru after noon. Starting of the cruise. Snorkeling in the Aquarium, visit to Tiputa village and doplhin watching. Staff introduction in the evening and Polynesian entertainment.
Sunday Tikehau – Excursion to Shells' Motu. Sail to Pink Sands Islet, and visit to Birds' Islet. Cocktail and dinner under the stars on Motu Teruatupua.
Monday Tikehau – Leisure morning in Motu Teu (snorkeling, fishing, etc). Sail to Otepipi village. Reef discovery. Pareo demonstrations in the eveening.
Tuesday Rangiroa – Sail to Motu Anatia. Water activites and coconut demonstration. Visit to the natural spa, beach games.
Wednesday Rangiroa – After breakfast, disembarkation in Avatoru and transfer to the airport.

Rainbow Cruise – 7 nights

Two options:

From saturday to saturday:
Pink Sand Cruise + visit to a pearl farm + Blue Lagoon Cruise

From wednesday to wednesday:
Blue Lagoon Cruise + snorkeling tour, or visit to Tiputa village, or visit to Ohotu + Pink Sand Cruise

The order in which Blue Lagoon and/or Pink Sand cruises are done doesn't alter their itineraries or descriptions, detailed above.


Only a few people are able to have a four star catered picnic on a deserted island. On the Haumana yacht, this is exactly what guests will get.

Brunch is served right in the water, on porcelain platters in little tables on the beach. After that, and following a couple of excursions to the reef, the big picnic arrives. Guests will learn how to prepare the famous raw fish recipe and take part in the ahima’a, the Tahitian pork roasted in an underground oven.

Fishing and fly fishing

In the Tuamotu atolls, where life essentially revolves around the sea, the Haumana cruise offers all the opportunities to dream of to go fishing; saltwater fishing and its associated resources are the main daily activities of the islands inhabitants. Perpetuating a long ancestral tradition, many "paumotu" (Tuamotu folk) still live essentially from this way of life. The Tahiti Haumana cruise is the opportunity to discover the different fishing techniques and methods that the locals master with unrivalled skill.

The cruises in the Tuamotu Archipelago are saltwater fishing focused, and the yacht is fully equipped to offer many different types of fishing to fans of the sport, catering even to those that are already adept in the noble art of fly fishing. Leads or jigs from the rear deck of the yacht are also available, while in-reef fishing can be truly incredible. To finish, the practice of different types of sport fishing or traditional techniques such as handline or harpoon fishing is also prepared to be done in the ship.


The Haumana cruise offers numerous land and sea activities on the atolls of Rangiroa. Once onboard the Haumana luxury yacht, the guest may either lounge about in his cabin, the Jacuzzi, the lounge or just relax on the upper deck. However, there’s always the chance to discover the atolls and reefs of the Tuamotu islands.

The Haumana cruise offers a variety of activities; the exploration of the Coral Garden in a kayak can be performed, or in a Jet Ski. The "beachers" can be used to discover the pink sand beaches, while the deserted atolls are the home for castaway-like picnics. And of course, all the abovementioned fishing activities are available.

This not being enough, the crew emphasizes in programming the schedules according to the guests’ needs.

Also available: scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing safaris, dolphin watch, etc.


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