Diving in Bora Bora

Bora Bora, where nature offers a marvelous underwater world, allows very specific dives. There are the manta rays and leopard rays that can be visited inside the lagoon. For the more adventurous and experienced, there are spine-tingling dives in the ocean, where one meets a variety of lemon sharks, black-tipped sharks and gray sharks.

Regardless of the diving level, an amazing underwater world can be discovered in all the tranquility. Most of the land or water activities offered on Bora Bora allow non-divers to discover the magic of this unforgettable universe. And there's one of the world's most unique sights, not to be missed: the manta rays' ballet in Bora Bora's lagoon all year-round. Being Bora Bora's lagoon one of the world's most beautiful, it's an experience that won't be easily forgotten.


Toopua Pass :
A paradise for beginners, this coral garden is teeming with eagle rays, moray eels and multicolored fish.

One of the diving clubs' most popular spots, it's just outside the reef near the pass, so people can see eventual pelagics passing through. Lemon sharks, tunas, manta rays, giant wrasses.

Teavanui Pass:
The only navigable pass in Bora, it works as a moving highway that lets fish in and out the island. Embedded in purple and yellow coral walls, the place displays all kinds of sharks, moray eels and jack fish.

Fafa Piti:
Incredible encounter with the exceptional manta rays. This spot is their preferred for being cleaned, that's why they come here in great numbers occasionally. Good for beginners and certified divers. Remoras, giant wrasses, etc.

Muri Muri:
Further from the pass and outside the reef, this site is ideal for seeing migrating fish, with the occasion to see dolphins and even some whales during migrating season (aug-nov). Tunas, turtles, barracudas, etc.

Supposedly a neverending bottomless blue-sky scenery of outer-reef waters. Here there is no slope, just an abrupt drop-off following a wall of pink, purple and white coral. Gorgons, sharks, turtles, etc.

Toopua Iti:
Drift dive among coral canyons with good chances of finding schools of leopard rays. The drifting ends in the Toopua site. Parrot fish, sea bass, groupers, wrasses.


Private diving, with an exclusive underwater communications system.

Nemo World Diving Center:
With bases in both the Meridien and the Novotel hotels, it's located near many other hotels and offers free transfers to and from them. (Associated with Bora Diving Center).

Bora Diving Center:
Located between the Bora Bora and Matira hotels, it has people speaking French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. (Associated with Nemo World Diving Center).

Snuba Bora Bora:
It teaches while the excursions are being held, then people learn how to dive the same moment they're watching the multi colored fish. Said to be the only ones who develop this kind of training.

Bora Bora Blue Nui:
Bora Bora Pearl Beach's diving club, like the hotel, is located in its private motu, with all the necessary amenities. Spanish, French and English spoken.

With its own attached little hotel, it has a wide variety of diving excursions to choose from. A member of the Top Dive group.










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