Diving in Fakarava

Fakarava, also known as Havaiki Nui, is one of the largest atolls in the Tuamotus. In Polynesia , diving in Fakarava must not be forgotten. Even if everything is not very developed in the island, the diving is one of the most incredible and unspoiled in all of Polynesia. Don't expect to find wrecks and galleons here, just the nature in its very true shape. Being one of six atolls classified as UNESCO's "biosphere reserves", it has definitely become a must for any diver in Polynesia.


Central Park:
Near the entrance to the Faruae Pass , there are sunken gardens of coral roses and trees, all dwelled by schools of small fish and some other not so small. Dolphins, giant wrasses, etc.

Te Ava Nui:
Remarkable structures of coral underwater. The sight is similar to the Central Park one. Just outside the ocean-side of the Garuae Pass. Barracudas, napoleons and even some dolphins sometimes.

Garuae Pass:
"The infinite channel"! The Garuae Pass is Polynesia 's widest, with 1600 meters. The particular weather underwater conditions make it possible for coral branches, staghorns and cauliflowers to proliferate.

Shark's Hole:
Near the other end of Fakarava lies the Tumakohua Pass. On the righter inner side of the pass is this narrow underwater valley, which in some times of the year is frequented by different kinds of sharks (lemon, white tip, and even hammerhead).

Te Mau Roti:
Outside the Tumakohua Pass , there are different formations of calcareous material, including big roses. Sea-pikes, barracudas, grey sharks, tunas, etc.


Te Ava Nui:
This center has two bases on the island, one in the Rotoava village near the Garuae Pass , and the other one down south in the village of Tetamanu , near the Tumakohua Pass. It belongs to the TOPDive / Bathy's group.

Fakarava Diving Center:
Located in the village of Rotoava, within Paparara pension and just 100 meters away from the Le Maitai Dream hotel. It also offers diving excursions to the southern village of Tetamanu.

TopDive Fakarava:
Located in Rotoava, it's a member of one of Polynesia's best reputed diving clubs. It specializes in drift dives and private tours.







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