Diving in Huahine

Huahine remains one of the least developed islands, rich in authenticity and culture. It delights as many divers with its underwater marvels as non-divers who never grow weary of discovering the island.
Spellbound by its colors and the friendliness of the people, Huahine never leaves its visitors indifferent. The underwater world is really savage and unchanged. A true paradise such as the ones which can only be seen in the most beautiful of dreams.


Avapeihi Pass :

The "must go" diving excursion in the island, and probably one of the musts in Polynesia too. Schools of tunas, barracudas, napoleon fish and many, many more.

Fa'a Miti:
The visitor will find himself among very beautiful coral heads, surrounded by sandy trails where fish are tame and follow him through the dive. Black tip, white tip and lemon sharks.

The Yellow Valley:
A wild dive in the westernmost point of the island where an immense variety of species may be found. Turtles, sharks, barracudas.

The Aquarium:
One of the most recommended spots for beginner and baptism dives in the island, it takes place in the lagoon near the village of Fare. Good for all levels.

Parea Drop-offs:
Depart from marvelous formations of coral filled with different clams and a mixing pass-lagoon environment. Follow trails of anemones and clown fish.

Parea Pass:
Good to go on a clear day, it works well with a north swell or calm conditions. Narrow coral canyons ending in a set of trenches perpendicular to them. Barracudas, turtles, napoleon fish, etc.

The Coral City - The Roses:
Great coral roses lie in the bottom way below (60 meters deep). The outer limits of the coral garden of roses can't be seen, yet it leads to a coral city full of tropical fish. Certification needed for the first part, the second one is apt for beginners.

Fare Pass:
The relief is varied. The carpet of coral heads on the reef is magnificent. Run into moray eels and all the little fishes of a coral garden. Sweet currents lead the way to shoals of napoleons and eagle rays.


Pacific Blue Adventure:
It was the first diving center in the island of Huahine , established 1990. It organizes two dives a day and is well close to most of the hotels, airport, shops and restaurants.

Mahana Dive:
A small center, but with all the hi-tech up to date equipment that makes it a top one. It's located in the Relais Mahana hotel, and very near the diving sites in the Avea and Parea areas. It has also an office in downtown Fare for customers' comfort.








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