Diving in Manihi

When the low-tide comes, Manihi turns herself into a shell-collector's heaven. Plus, its marine landscape made of passes and breathtaking underwater walls, makes a sight hard to miss. This not being enough, the place itself is teeming with oceanic pits, what gives it a different look from the rest of the Tuamotus.

The island, already famous for its pearls, has made itself a good reputation in diving too. The smooth pass-environment currents, the water's cleanliness and the diving sites' protection against the winds and tidal waves make Manihi an ideal place for advanced divers, as well as for beginners.


The Drop-off:
In this spot takes place the assembly of a big grouper migration that comprises millions of fish, making quite an extraordinary sight. This event is supposed to be one of the most spectacular in the whole French Polynesia . It's located about 25 meters off the reef, near the Tairapa Pass and off the Pauea Village .

The Circus:
Near the Blue Nui Dive Center , where the Tairapa Pass flows into, it creates an underwater bay suitable for big fish to feed. This way, it's a preferred spot for manta rays and eagle rays to gather, plus some black tip sharks.

The Crossing:
There's a 1500 meters-deep wall running from one side of the Tairapa Pass to the other, near the "Drop-off" site. The sight of the wall is really impressive, plus there are lots of napoleon wrasses. In the mating season, the abovementioned grouper gathering takes place.

The Crack:
A large break in the reef on the ocean side where, in an amphitheatre of coral, the visitor can quite safely be the spectator of an exciting shark feeding, which attracts a multitude of reef sharks including black tip, white tip, gray, and occasionally the larger deep water white tip.

Tairapa Pass:
Drift dive from the ocean towards the lagoon, ending up in the "Circus" site. There will be a boat following the divers from the surface, so they can enjoy this "underwater highway", like flying astronauts in a flow of life stream. Pass-like environment, combining species from the ocean and the lagoon.

The West Cape:
The incredibly clear water of this virginal atoll is the ideal habitat for corals of unusual forms. This site offers an amazing underwater seascape, with rose-petal coral covering the slope. The availability of the excursion is subject to tide conditions.


Manihi Blue Nui:
It was rebuilt into the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort in 1995. Due to the fact that it's the only diving center in the island, and that the diving sites are not farther than 10 minutes from the center, the schedules are rather flexible. There's one dive a day for beginners and another one for advanced divers.







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