Diving in Raiatea

The charm of Raiatea , the Sacred Island or "Holy" island, and Taha'a, the Vanilla Island, reveal the authentic values of the Polynesian islands.

The two islands share the same lagoon, a special aquatic space recommended for its diversity. There are nine passes from the ocean through the coral reef into the lagoon. There's a practically unlimited number of diving sites to choose from. Those sites are found both inside and outside the coral reef.

There's something for everyone in these waters. Drift dive in the reef passes to see coral gardens, grottos, caves with octopuses and the famous three-masted ship "Nordby", which sunk in the 1900s.


The Three Miri Rocks:
Near the Miri Miri Pass , and after a short drift dive the Miri Rocks can be found, alongside with other headlands and underwater hills, which all together attract a very varied assortment of fauna.

Miri Miri:
Full of multi-colored coralline drop-offs, this spot is famous specially for the violet type of coral, a very known one, the "Distichopora Violacea", whose electrical shine will blind anyone with its beauty.

The "Nordby" Wreck:
A sunken coal-ship whose anchors, masts and decks are still unspoiled by water, protected by the ship's hull. Plus, with its 80 meters of longitude, it's set to surprise anyone as one of the island's most famous and sought-after diving site.

Teavapiti Pass:
Strong-currents pass which will carry away the unwary. Still, sticking to the coralline walls will let the visitor discover the biggest marine species in the island. Giant wrasses, manta rays, sharks, etc.

Miri Miri Pass:
Advanced level dive with average strength currents. The walls with multi-colored coral shines are simply amazing, and the fauna is very varied. Turtles, eagle rays, etc.

The Catalina Wing:
A wreck, this time a plane one. The sunken wing of a 1958 hydroplane crash is settled here, collecting algae which attract all kinds of fish.

Teavarua Aquarium:
Natural emplacement between the Taoru islet and little reef formations. There are madrepore formations spread along the sand which are used as shelters by moray eels.


Te Mara Nui:
Small diving center which performs excursions in both Raiatea and Taha'a, able to serve a capacity of 10 divers. Located in Uturoa, Raiatea 's capital.

Hemisphere Sub:
It's the Hawaiki Nui hotel's diving center, but has also a branch in the Marina Apooiti, facing the Miri Miri Pass.








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