Diving in Taha'a

Even if she is always under the influence of her bigger sister, Raiatea, Taha'a manages herself to keep an enormous asset of own marvels and interesting places, maybe a little more undeveloped, but with all the magic of her unspoiled beauty, original heavenly style and underwater mysteries.

All of these are served by competent enterprises with people who know much about the island and love it deep-heartedly, therefore taking any visitor to an unforgettable experience getting to know the Holy Island's little sister, the mysterious one, Taha'a the Vanilla Island.

With only two passes piercing through the reef, the marine ecosystems differ a little bit of many others because of the more protected and less open-sea kind of fauna to be found here.


The Paipai Pass:
Currents flow amongst walls of black and Distichopora corals of both the violet and yellow types, and channels pierce the reef ending up in headlands, arches and grottoes which have been eroded along the years creating a stormy yet beautiful sight.

Octopus Cave:
Inside the lagoon that divides Taha'a from Raiatea and from 30 meters and deeper these underwater galleries are found. A landmark comprising shelters of molten rock and chambers with stalactites on the ceiling.

The 323 Landmark:
A diving name used to technically describe this site. It's supposedly one of the most beautiful dives in Polynesia, with the clearest waters in the island. Be careful with the fire-coral formations, as beautiful as itchy! Sea bass, sharks, sea jacks, unicornfish, etc.

The Toahotu Headlands:
In the middle of the Ceran Pass two underwater peaks rise up to 32 meters under the sea level, departing from 50 meters-deep. Around these all kinds of fish congregate. Giant sea bass, napoleon fish, etc.

Ceran Pass:
This pass, also called Toahotu Pass , is flanked by two high walls of coral covered with grottoes, the smaller ones being in the left side of the reef. Pass-like fauna. Inside all kind of creatures dwell. Moray eels, sharks, barracudas, etc.


Taha'a Blue Nui:
Le Taha'a Private Island & SPA's diving center, part of the Blue Nui Group (with centers in Bora Bora, Tikehau and Manihi also).

Shark Dive Polynesia:
Offers excursions for private groups, in both Taha'a and Raiatea. Half day excursions, with beverages included. Located in the southern part of Taha'a, facing Raiatea.
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