April 2014

Date to be announced

"Vanira" Raid - 5º edition

A 15-km foot race on Taha'a, the "Vanilla Island" (Leeward Islands). Departure from the town of Tapuamu, and arrival at Pahure stadium (in the village of Patio) with musical entertainment, fruit tasting and several stands of handcrafts, catering and vanilla products.

Date to be announced

Tifaifai Expo - 16º Edition

Patchwork and embroidering exhibit, displaying Polynesia's typical crafting techniques. The fabric and technique were brought to the islands by the first European missionaries. The "tifaifai' exhibition is a tribute to the mamas for the long hours and months of work needed to create the most original "tifaifai". In Papeete town hall.

April the 30th - May the 4th

Tahiti Pearl Regatta - 11° Edition

Organized in the Leeward Islands by boat lovers and the Raiatea Yacht Club, the Tahiti Pearl Regatta is an authentic Polynesian event mixing sailing with people encounters and the discovery of exceptional sites. The annual gathering of sailing fans in Tahiti, the islands and all the Pacific has now reached its cruising speed. Meals, parties and lodging are included by the organization every night at each stop in this 3-stage, 3-day race.


Vanira Raid


Tifaifai Expo


Tahiti Pearl Regatta

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