August 2013

All month long

Heiva of the Islands

As soon as the Heiva i Tahiti closes, it is the islands' turn to celebrate their own Heiva with pride and joy. Each archipelago's characteristics reveal some noticeable diversities for the visitors' greatest pleasure. Depending on the island, sculpture, tattooing, weaving or"forgotten" traditional sports, not to mention some local specialities, are coming back in fashion.
Hotels also participate in the festivities by offering to their guests a range of traditional shows. The singing and dance groups follow each others on the stages of major hotels to pay tribute to the ancestral tradition.

Date to be announced

Te Vai Ari'i Marathon (Super Aito Va'a)

Follow-up to the Te Aito canoe race that takes place in July, the Super Aito takes the best racers of the former race and starts all over again, but on very different distances: 5, 10, 15 and 20 km long. Athletes from the previous race can here prove their superiority or well try a revenge. Strategies being slightly different in function of the length of the race, reason why some suprises are always expected during this competition which takes place over two days and delivers impressive one-on-one action.

Date to be announced

Air Tahiti Nui / Von Zipper Surfing Trials

Qualifying competition which acts as a local "avant première" to the local and foreign professionals' one, the renowned Billabong Pro Surfing.

Date to be announced

Billabong Pro Surfing

They are all there, they all came to put on a good show on the dangerous waves of Teahupoo for the Billabong Pro. For two days the sport's world best specialists will compete to add their name to the hall of fame of one of the most prestigious surfing competions in the world. As to our Tahitian champions, they don't feel left out and this year hope to destabilize the world's best surfers at their favorite spot.

Heiva of the Islands - Dance shows

Heiva of the Islands - Javelin throwing

Va'a Super Aito

Air Tahiti Nui Von Zipper Trials


Billabong Pro Surfing

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