Events 2014

The king of cultural events is the "Heiva i Tahiti", traditional party held between June and July for as long as a month, comprising hence the national day's festivities (July the 14th).

It's a time of picturesque celebration, with disputed chants, dances and traditional clothing contests, adding to several sports and cultural tournaments: "pirogue" (outrigger canoe) races, javelin throwing, preparation of "copra" (processed coconut), stone weightlifting, braiding contests...

Island soul is displayed through the "Artisans' Heiva", side-event to its brother the "Heiva i Tahiti" which exposes all of the existing crafts' varieties from the five archipelagoes.

Diverse cultural shows enlighten what's left of the year. Sports cover a main spot, sometimes with international notoriety, surf disciplines and outrigger canoe rowing (va'a) being above all the rest.

We kindly thank Tahiti Guide and Tahiti Tourisme for part of the information used in our events section.

Heiva i Tahiti

Pirogue Course

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