July 2013

June the 28th - July the 13th

Heiva Va'a I Tahiti

Great outrigger canoe racing in Papeete Harbor and its channel between Tahiti and Moorea, featuring nearly 1,500 male and female paddlers, all dressed in traditional pareus and flower head crowns. These top athletes will compete in the junior, senior and veteran categories in 1-paddler, 3-paddler, 6-paddler and 16-paddler canoes.

July the 2nd - 6th

International Golf Open - 31º edition

This International Golf competition takes place in the "Olivier Breaud" golf course in Atimaono, Mataiea, southern Tahiti island. Several golfers of the Pro circuit should be there in this wonderful tropical scenery. This tournament will be a part of the "South Pacific Tour", as The Tahitian Golf Federation has reached an agreement with the Australian Professional Golf Association in order to do so.

July the 4th - July the 22nd

Heiva I Tahiti (Cultural Festival) - 132º edition

This is the year's biggest festival. It will be held as usual during a good part of the month of July throughout the Polynesian islands. In the program are many sports' events (canoe racing, surfing, golf, cyclism, soccer, etc.) but also traditional sports (outrigger canoes, spear throwing, fruit carriers' races, copra husking competitions, etc.). Culture and traditions are obviously at the center of the festivities with tattooing, weaving, knowledge of local pharmacopea, fire walking or the big historical reenactments on the marae. The prestigious singing and dancing competitions, which bring to the island nearly 10,000 participants all month long , as well as canoe races, remain the highlights of these festivities. The other islands (namely Moorea, Bora Bora and Raiatea, but also the Austral and the Marquesas islands), will not be left behind. According to their means and wishes, they will feature many events during that period.

Traditional dances which are held in the Tahua To'ata area in the Papeete sealine are fantastic. There are also regattas held in-sea where tahitians compete with their traditional canoes. A military parade through Papeete's streets commemorating the Bastille Day, on July the 14th, is also comprised in the festivities.

This year's competition evenings will be held on July the 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th and 13th. Awards ceremony on July the 18th, and Laureates' evening on the 20th.

June the 26th - July the 21st

Heiva Rima'i: Artisans' Heiva - 26º edition

Each of French Polynesia's five archipelagos has a distinctive tradition of arts and crafts, including weaving, carving in wood, bone, stone, coral and mother-of-pearl, as well as tattooing, stone sculpting, sewing and the making of ornaments. The "Artisans' Heiva" actually begins before the proper Heiva, towards the end of June, and extends as long as late-July. This exhibition brings together craftsmen from all over French Polynesia, who can be observed working dextrously with traditional materials such as pandanus, pearl shell and coral. Then during Heiva itself, the artisans' "Crafts Heiva" runs concurrently with the festival's performance arts. On display throughout the festival are carvings, ornaments, pareo cloth and tattoo artists at work.

One of the most striking craft forms on display is the brilliantly-hued, hand-sewn quilts, or "tifaifai", made by tahitian women. Each quilt-maker specialises in her own individual patterns, each of her floral designs thus comprising a craft form unique to the maker. Wandering along the Papeete waterfront, studying the arts and crafts on display during Heiva and chatting with the artisans responsible for their creation is a great way to become acquainted with tahitian culture.

July the 13th - 27th

Heiva Tu'aro Ma'ohi

Traditional sports' competition including javelin throwing, stone lifting, coconut tree climbing, canoe races, coconut peeling, fruit-carrying races, etc... This all represents a strong part of Tahiti's cultural heritage. This year's edition will be held at the gardens of the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands.

Date to be announced

"Te Aito" canoe race (Va'a) - 26º edition

For this key race in Polynesia, the best canoers of the islands get together in the lagoon for a fierce competition. The short 12 km race will certainly release formidable intensity. Spectators gather all along the itinerary to cheer for their favorites. And one more time, bets are running high during this competition to determine the "Polynesian Best Canoe Racer of the Year ". The best hundred athletes in this challenge will qualify to compete in the "Super Aito" Va'a Race.

Late June - Late July

Heiva I Bora Bora

Heiva I Bora Bora is a dance and singing competition occurring on the island of Bora Bora. The event will be held at Motoi Square in Vaitape.


Heiva Va'a I Tahiti

International Golf Open


Heiva I Tahiti - Dances

Heiva I Tahiti - Javelin throwing




Artisans' Heiva- Crafts' market

Artisans' Heiva - Crafts and carvings in wood


Heiva Tu'aro Ma'ohi

"Te Aito" Race


Heiva I Bora Bora

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