June 2013

June the 1st - 9th

Marquesas Islands' Salon - 37º edition

Exhibition in which the Marquesans take over Tahiti, and is held twice a year. For this meeting, sculpture and tiki are coming out. There is no one like a Marquesan to carve wood, stone, mother of pearl, etc. Many decorative objects will be offered for sale, amongst which is of course the "tapa", another very appreciated Marquesan specialty. A complete and exhaustive initiation to Marquesan culture will be the supreme reward for all those who come. They will be able to meet all the local artists, sculptors and tattooers, plus poets, musicians and dancers, etc. It takes place in "Aora'i Tinihau" Hall, in Pirae, Tahiti.

June the 11th - 15th

Tahiti Vanilla Week

Display of vanilla products, their processing, preparation and transformation. Tahiti's vanilla is considered amongst the most fragrant in the world. All kinds of products are showcased: cosmetics (monoi, body lotions, etc), jewelry, liquors, etc.

Date to be announced

Aitoman Triathlon

2 kilometers of swimming, 96 kilometers of cycling and 20 kilometers of running through the sacred island of Raiatea.

June the 26th - July the 21st

Artisans' Heiva - 26º edition

The "Rima'i" Heiva is a great handcraft abilities exhibit by artists from all over French Polynesia. It will take place in "Aora'i Tinihau" Hall in Pirae, Tahiti.

This festival is covered with greater detail in the month of July's events page.

June the 28th - 30th

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-Vous - 8º edition

This event isheld to receive and create a re-encounter environment for tourists, amateur seamen and local population: a day of festivities in the yachts' reception in Papeete, a day of sailing to Moorea and a day in Moorea livened up by traditional sports' competitions (outrigger canoe races, javelin throwing, fruit carrier races, etc).

June the 28th - July the 3rd

Stand-up World Tour

A world championship in Tahiti that displays the world's best athletes. It will be held in Taapuna, on the west coast of the island. The World Championship was established due to Stand-up Paddling's exponential growth, and to give its best athletes an international platform in which to compete for the international title. Being focused in this sport's most visually dynamic aspect, surfing, the Stand-up World Tour's objective is to display this sport, its assets and its development alongside its athletes and stories for the whole world. 15 nations will be participating in this competition.

Late June - Late July

Heiva I Bora Bora

Heiva I Bora Bora is a dance and singing competition occurring on the island of Bora Bora. The event will be held at Motoi Square in Vaitape.

Late June - Late July

Heiva I Moorea

Like the "Heiva i Tahiti", this cultural event will have competitions for singing and dancing groups, traditional sports teams and craftmen of Moorea, in the Afareaitu district.


Marquesas Islands' Salon

Vanilla Week

Aitoman Triathlon

Artisans' Heiva

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-Vous


Stand-up World Tour

Heiva I Bora Bora

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