May 2013

May the 23th - 25th

Tahiti Nui Va'a - 10th edition

6-rower competition. Participants will race over a distance of 166 km, which means one wholu tour around the island of Tahiti. This year, emphasis will be put in attracting athletes from all over the world, amongst which those from Hawaii and New Zeland stand out.

Date to be announced

Taapuna Master Surf - 19th edition

Surf 4-days long competition for amateurs, in Punaauia's coral reef, in Tahiti. Surfing, Body-Boarding, "Drop Knee" and Stand-Up Paddling categories.

Date to be announced

Taps Junior - 10th edition

Two days of junior surfing competition (ages 16 to 18) in Taapuna coral reef, in Punaauia, Tahiti.


Tahiti Nui Va'a

Taapuna Master Surf

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