November 2013

November the 1st - 2nd

The "Turamara'a": Communion with the Departed

Like each year, November the 1st is the occasion to honor the dead with fervor. In Polynesia, this a major date for all the faithfuls and specially for the "matahiapo" (the old folks) who come with the family to meditate in cemeteries all over the islands. Thousands of candles are lit at dusk to highlight the graves, freshly cleaned and decorated with flowers. Families thus wake the departed, while dirges are sung in the magic of the tropical night. A moment of great emotion for tourists also, who are welcome to take part in this commemoration.

Date to be announced

Hawaiki Nui Va'a - 22º edition

The new edition of this very important va'a (rowing) competition in Polynesia and in the world. Lately Hawaiians have tried to compete with the best Polynesians, but they have fallen short. Maybe this is the time for a revenge? But nothing is less sure. With over 100 canoes at the start between Huahine, Raiatea and Bora Bora and a legendary finish line on Matira Beach, the race will be followed by over 10,000 spectators who, for the occasion, take a full week's vacation. Broadcast live over 20 countries, this competition is the best overseas advertising for our islands. The race starts in Huahine to Raiatea (Day 1), then Raiatea to Taha'a (Day 2), and lastly the most difficult and longest segment of the race, Taha'a to Bora Bora (Day 3).

November the 14th - 17th

Monoi Here - 7º edition

Monoi is one of Polynesia's top and most sought-after products. It consists of a rich balm made of tiare flowers and coconut oil, and it is exported and appreciated worldwide. This event, to be held at "Maison de la Culture", is where exhibition of Monoi, sales and documentary films are shown.

November the 16th

Tahiti Nui Marathon - 2º edition

This semi marathon of a distance of 21.1km runs from the municipality of Tiarei towards the municipality of Papeete (Paofai gardens). This half marathon will welcome international athletes. Days before the main event will be dedicated to playful races for the attention of the youngest.

November the 20th - 21st

Matari'i i Ni'a, The Pleiades' Festivities, according to the Ma'ohi lunar calendar

Opposite to May's Matari'i Raro, Matari'i i Ni'a marks the beginning of the old tahitian calendar's second season, that of abundance. During this season of plenty is when the begin of the production of both land and sea's fruits happens. It's celebrated with enthousiasm in Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine and Raiatea. The passing from one season to the following is ruled by the Pleaides Stars' position in the sky.

November the 22nd - December the 8th

Marquesas Islands' Salon - 38º edition

Exhibition in which the Marquesans take over Tahiti, and is held twice a year. For this meeting, sculpture and tiki are coming out. There is no one like a Marquesan to carve wood, stone, mother of pearl, etc. Many decorative objects will be offered for sale, amongst which is of course the "tapa", another very appreciated Marquesan specialty. A complete and exhaustive initiation to Marquesan culture will be the supreme reward for all those who come. They will be able to meet all the local artists, sculptors and tattooers, plus poets, musicians and dancers, etc. It takes place in "Aora'i Tinihau" Hall, in Pirae, Tahiti.

November the 25th - December the 7th

Hura Tapairu - 8º edition

Traditional dance competition held in Papeete's Cultural Center. It's aimed to smaller troupes who don't normally have a space in the main events such as Heiva where the bigger troupes participate. However, artistic level is generally excellent, so these smaller troupes are not to be missed!





Hawaiki Nui Va'a





Monoi Here


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Marquesas Islands' Salon




Hura Tapairu

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