October 2013

October the 4th - 19th

Art Photography Association of Polynesia

The association of photographers will propose as every year an exhibition of their works for the most great pleasure of the lovers of visual art. It takes place in the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands.

October the 25th - November the 9th

Austral Islands' Salon - 12º edition

This year's edition will be held in the former Presidency, in Pouvanaa a Oopa, Papeete. The great dexterity of the artisans of Rurutu, Tubuai, Rimatara or Raivavae, even Rapa, will be exposed provided that they receive enough support funds to go to Papeete, under the eyes of public which time after time appreciates more and more this kind of salon-exhibitions. A chance for each one of the archipelago's admirers to acquire a rare item, which is difficult to obtain without going onsite towards these remote islands. In this Southernost Polyesian archipelago, the great specialty is the weaving of baskets and other objects such as mats (peue) or hats, all in natural fibers.

October the 27th - 28th

Trans-Tahitian Race - 4º edition

This is a competition which focuses on the respect for sports and the environment. This running and biking race takes us during two days on a path in the middle of the heart of Tahiti to discover several representative places like: the valley of Mataiea, the Vahiria lake, Maroto and the valley of Papenoo. This event includes three fundamental principles: the sports, the pleasure and mutual aid, in particular through the valuation of the highlighted sites during the running. Landscapes that will be seen during the trail are particularly breathtaking, with lush exuberant jungle, high misty mountains and hundreds of unreachable waterfalls in the background.

Art Photography Exhibition


Austral Islands' Salon




Trans-Tahitian Race

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