The delightful island of Huahine lies 110 miles norwest of Tahiti, in the Leeward Archipelago, and is the least explored of the Society islands: a happy and peaceful place where the traditional lifestyle of the polynesians goes on like it did hundreds of years ago, or as the locals may put it, "one of the best kept secrets in Polynesia".

Considered the cradle of antique polynesian culture, Huahine homes many of the most important archeological sites around.

The island itself is divided in Huahine Nui (Big Huahine), where Fare, the capital, is located, and Huahine Iti (Little Huahine). Both parts get together in a narrow isthmus and are surrounded protectively by a coral necklace.

Fare is the place to watch the folkloric show of the incoming ships from Tahiti, loaded with all kinds of goods, and has the market in whereof people trade their pigs, fish, crafts and fruits the like of melons, bananas and vanilla pods.

The other important village is Maeva, the ancient royal town where the visitor will be able to know sacrificial temples and lakes with fishtraps that have been working for over three hundred years.

Even if the island is difficult to explore, because it is more entangled than the rest and its ways are more complicated, its accidental rough landscape gives enough relief to the eye to feed the mystical experience that the three hours needed to cover the island require.

With people among the most hospitable in the Pacific, Huahine is a calm paradise containing the best from antique Polynesia.


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