Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas are among the most remote islands in the world so far. In fact, they are the farthest islands from any continental mass on Earth. The archipelago consists in 12 islands, six of which are presently uninhabited. The 7000 dwellers from the Marquesas are spread between the remaining six islands, of which the biggest are Nuku Hiva, in the northern set, and Hiva Oa in the southern one.

These islands are defined by the unbelievable landscape of sharp volcanic peaks that reach up to 3000 feet over the sea level from the ocean deepness, these being mountains which are always covered by the densest foliage to be found in the whole Pacific. Some of these islands are still virtually virgin, almost out of human reach since the last european expeditions 200 years ago, all of which preserves miraculously the marquesan traditions and cultures, supreme pride of their people.

In the Marquesas only a few paved roads exist, and it is often more comfortable to travel by boat or helicopter from one place to the other than by land. Only in two of these islands we will find services competent enough to fit the international tourist's needs.

Nuku Hiva:

From her said Herman Melville, one of the sea's biggest novelists: "There wouldn't be description able to sketch her beauty". Nuku Hiva is an abrupt island, pierced into by bays that penetrate it and by deep canyons that go deep into its jungle. Here we can find the Hakui waterfall, the third highest on Earth, whose waters evaporate mainly in the fall before reaching the ground below.

Hiva Oa:

Often referred to as the "Garden of the Marquesas", its virgin beauty has been barely touched by the ways of the XXth century. In her we will find Polynesia 's biggest tikis , those statues that the antique dwellers used to worship their gods with, which now silently watch over the jungles. It's in Hiva Oa where artists the size of poet Jacques Brel and painter Paul Gauguin chose to spend their last days in, surrounded by natural paradise in its purest state.


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