Moorea is a magic island of a beauty as wild as it is captivating, where emerald mountains rise from the sandy beaches like towers over pineapple plantations, ivory beaches and the reflecting lagoon.

The island is located less than 10 minutes away from Tahiti travelling by plane, and less than an hour away if ferry is the chosen way of transportation. In Moorea we will find pastel-colored houses surrounded by hibiscus gardens and paradise birds, filling the folkloric yet simple villages that dwell the island.

There's not a town in Moorea that is capable of being considered a point of reference, as there are some in Tahiti . Here we will only find some areas spread out along the main road, with little store clusters selling miscellaneous articles, local crafts and hand-painted fabric (pareos).

One of the finest attractions to be found in Moorea is the Belvedere, a lookout point located right atop one of the highest peaks of the island, placed between the Opunohu and Cook bays, from where you can see all the island's marvels in a fantasy environment. Plus, the trip to the Belvedere itself is nothing but charming, making its way in a 4WD vehicle through the jungle's ancestral paths while guides will talk about plantations and maraes (shrines) around the area.

From the Belvedere you can also see how the Opunohu and Cook bays steal terrain from the island to get inland, filling the coast with night blue waters and beautifying it with the peaceful yachts anchored at its surface.

The road around the island is 42 miles long, because of which it can be easily driven in a car or scooter in no time, or even in a bike for the fitness lovers.

Anyone visiting Moorea will not be able to simply stop thinking in the come-back after having swam with dolphins, seen the Tiki Village traditional shows or discovered the exuberant inner side of the island in a jeep to unveil its mysteries.

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