This paradise-like island, crowned by a circle of majestic peaks, is the Queen of the Pacific; Tahiti, Island of Love. She is divided in two almost separate parts, joined only in the small land stripe known as Taravao's isthmus.

The nearly 402 sq. miles of the island's area are covered with a dense foliage comprising rainforests and tender fern woods, with waterfalls sprouting from the peak heights cascading below to the rivers leading into the lagoon .

The island is leaded by Papeete, also French Polynesia's capital city, which is also the biggest and most populated town around. Considering the last census, it had approximately 130.000 inhabitants out of the total 180.000 living in the island.

It's in Tahiti where the most intense activity can be found. Here you can find from international-level resorts, to spas and the best and widest variety of shopping stores selling crafts, pearls and another set of local interest goods.

Papeete is also the largest stop-by port in the South Pacific, what makes it a must stop for ships travelling from one hemisphere to other of the globe.

Plus, the island itself has uncountable touristic and historic sites to see, like black sand beaches, many general interest museums, surf sites considered among the best in the world, and some of the most amazing scuba diving places known to man.

Any tripper arriving in French Polynesia should make an obligatory stop in this island to get to know its wonders before adventuring in the farther islands, wild and less explored for sure, but not comprising as many urban attractions.



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