Tuamotu Archipelago

An archipelago composed totally by coral atolls, it is the world's biggest one with these characteristics. It's sort of away from the mainstream touristic circuit, but the distance doesn't make it for lack of comfort in any way. The Tuamotu contain some of the most amazing submarine ecosystems in the whole world. Most of the attractions are centered (by now) around the four main atolls, the only ones developped touristically up to date.


Rangiroa's lagoon could contain the whole island of Tahiti in it. It is the biggest one in the Tuamotu archipelago and the second one in the planet. In its reefs' passes we can find millions of fishes and three or four kinds of sharks which will surely cruise around us elegantly yet harmlessly. Still they will probably surprise the unwary tourist. There are also a variety of land-based activities to fill the visitor's offer.


The interior of the lagoon is filled with pearl farms, which without a doubt build the island's main economic activity. Manihi is still and up to the day Polynesia's biggest black pearl producer. With a population of near 400, it still holds a castaway dream spirit in the air.


This almost perfect circle-shaped atoll is known worldwide due to its fish density, the biggest one in the Tuamotu, according to Jacques Cousteau. Fishing is the island's main industry for every family in the island, which constantly ship their production to Papeete's most important markets. Variety of fish include many manta-rays, barracuda, tuna fish, colorful coral fish and reef sharks. Tikehau makes then a true living postcard.


It is Tuamotu's ancient capital and, as its neighbor islands, has been declared by UNESCO as a biosphere natural official reserve. Its 250 inhabitants live mainly out of fishing in one of its two villages. The biggest part of Fakarava's diving sites are still unexplored, as are many of the islets in the reef collar. Plus, Fakarava has Polynesia's oldest catholic church.


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